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Choosing the Right Cleaning Equipment for Your Facility

How important is commercial equipment for maintaining a facility? Before I started in distribution of janitorial supplies and equipment, I owned a cleaning service business in Chapel Hill NC. When I started out, there was minimal equipment. Floor machines, wet vacuums, autoscrubbers, no touch cleaning machines, did not exist yet. Basically, we had a mop, bucket, and a vacuum. I can tell first hand what it was like to do my job without the equipment of today. Lots more labor and not as efficient. For example, when we stripped floors in the past there were no floor machines or wet vacuums. We had to lay the stripper and pick up the solution with a mop. Lots of people doing lots of labor intensive work with lots of stripper and finish left behind. Fast forward to today where autoscrubbers come with technology that gives you the ability to not only clean floors regularly but strip floors with just using water. A multi person job reduced to one person and super effective. Big difference. Finding the right equipment that fits your facility will improve morale, save money and make for a much cleaner facility than you would have otherwise.